Performer flying effects for The Little Mermaid include simulated swimming sequences and flying a seagull.

Performer Flying Effects and Choreography

The Fly Guy

Aerial Acts
Aerial Acts

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Flying Angel
Flying Angel

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The Light Princess
The Light Princess

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Aerial Acts
Aerial Acts

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The Fly Guy

Paul Rubin, "The Fly Guy", has choreographed some of the most memorable flying sequences from the Tony Award winning Broadway production of Wicked to Cathy Rigby's Emmy Award winning DVD of Peter Pan.

Some of Paul's current projects include: Disney's The Little Mermaid playing in Tokyo and Nagoya, Franco Dragone's La Perle in Dubai and Aladdin in Cairo, Egypt.


                                    What sets us apart?

Why has Paul Rubin been the leader in performer flying effects for more than 30 years? It is his dedication to his craft and his insightful, artistic approach. Paul is focused on the realism of the flying. He collaborates with the creative team to create the desired effects based upon the requirements of the script and the character’s motivation. The flying effects should not be separate from the story, but a continuation of the story telling…if it is done correctly. Once conceived, Paul’s experience allows him to understand what type of equipment will be most appropriate to bring the desired effect to fruition. No matter where you are in your production/design process, why settle for perfunctory, when Paul can bring inspiration to the table.  


Since 1988, Paul has created some of Broadway’s most unforgettable flying effects. He has devised aerial design sequences for Broadway, Off-Broadway, and both National and International tours. Directors and producers have entrusted Paul  with more than fifteen-hundred  productions, in thirty-six different countries. It’s impossible to think of productions like Wicked, Peter Pan, or Fiddler on the Roof without reliving the wondrous, heart-lifting moments.

Contact us HERE when you are ready to let your imagination take flight.

Performer flying effects for Wicked includes flying monkeys over the audience, Glinda and Elphaba.
Performer flying effects for Angels in America include the angel flying and an aerial fight.
Performer flying effects for Peter Pan include flying Peter Pan over the audience and four actors on stage.
Performer flying effects for Kiss Me, Kate include flying an actor on a bosun chair.
Performer flying effects for Curtains included hanging an actor and flying David Hyde Pierce.
Performer flying effects for The Green Bird include flying three characters on stage at the same time.
Performer flying effects for Dance of the Vampires include an aerial adigio flying Michael Crawford.
Performer flying effects for Saturday Night Fever include a suicide jump off a bridge.
Performer flying effects for Seussical include flying Cathy Rigby as The Cat in the Hat in an underwater sequence.
Performer flying effects for The Pirate Queen include pirates swinging on stage and an aerial battle.
Performer flying effects for Frozen include hanging an actor safely.
Performer flying effects for Doctor Zhivago include the hanging of four actors simultaneously.
Performer flying effects for Bombay Dreams include flying an actor on a prop.
Performer flying effects for Fiddler on the Roof include the dream sequence and the Fiddler.


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